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While Facebook remains the most visited social media platform, others are gaining interest and have unique audiences. Keep up with the latest social media trends.

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Social media marketing is a great way to build, maintain, and understand your customers. You do this by creating engaging content, knowing your audience, having up-to-date knowledge of the social media landscape, and interacting with users. There are all sorts of tools and tips to using social media effectively, but, at the end of the day, it boils down to having authentic interactions with your base that compel them to follow, like, and share what you’re creating.

Once you know your brand’s voice, choose the social media platforms that best suit your needs. Are you a popular clothing retailer that embraces alternative lifestyles? Then Instagram is a great place for you to engage your audience. How? Choose a uniform aesthetic; make use of hashtags; and poll your audience, have contests and respond directly to posts. Your professionalism, consistency, and authenticity will be rewarded with both a loyal following as well as with indispensable data. All the information you gather will be useful in establishing and maintaining trust, which will be particularly useful when you have new products and services to launch, or if you’re stuck with a crisis.

Social media is where the conversation is happening; your job is to hop in and make sure you’re in the thick of it. You’re going to be commenting on what’s already underway only when you have something meaningful to say. Remember, no one likes empty commentary! Your campaigns will take one of three primary forms:

  • Prospecting: This is when you actively seek to expand your base. You do this by researching your audience, providing them with content they already want, and engaging them directly.
  • Retargeting: Retargeting is when you reconnect with users who’ve shown interest in your company and seeing how you can engage them in a more meaningful way. The sorts of users you’ll be interacting with will be people who’ve visited your website, clicked links you’ve shared, engaged you on social media, added items to their shopping cart but never made a purchase, followed you on social media, and/or subscribed to your marketing emails. The goal here is to deepen your connection with these users as well as to get a cookie onto their browsers so that when they’re online they see ads that will redirect them to your website.
  • Conversion: These are campaigns where you want your users to take a particular action like make a purchase, download a white paper, join an email list, complete a survey, engage with a customer representative, etc. These interactions are invaluable because they provide you with crucial information and are further evidence and expressions of a more meaningful relationship.

Knowing how to most effectively engage your audience on social media takes more than just dedication. You have to keep up with trends and have a robust understanding of human psychology. That’s because interacting is multi-faceted and not something to be left up to chance when the stakes are high. That’s why if you stick with Moving Traffic Media you’ll be better off because we’ll be sharing with you the very tips and insights that we use to come across so good!