It can take a lot of time and effort to create a great app and even more time and effort to develop effective strategies to make your app go viral.

But by taking note of the following eight key ingredients, you can create an app that goes viral in 2023.

1. Make Your App Exceptional

Let us begin with the obvious: the more you make your app an exceptional product, the more of a buzz you can create around it before the launch, and the more you can continually get new users to download your app.

Once you have created an excellent app, you can focus on user onboarding. That means explaining your app’s functionality with a step-by-step tutorial and emphasizing the app’s value and key features.

The better you are at promoting your app correctly, the more users you can get on board. In turn, you will be positioned well to make your app go viral.

Additionally, integrating user-friendly features like .NET UI controls can significantly enhance the user’s experience and ensure seamless functionality across different platforms, positioning your app well for virality.

2. Include Gamification in Your App

One thing you should definitely look at when developing your app is including an element of gamification. That will encourage people to use your app more.

It could also cause users to become competitive. Again, that means your app will get more use. It also means users will recommend your app to their friends more.

Gamification is great because gaming naturally increases dopamine levels, making people happy.

So, regardless of the type of app you are developing, although not every single app will be suited to including gamification, consider adding gamification to your app to enhance the overall user experience and help your app go viral.

3. Send Users Useful Notifications

Once you have started getting users for your app, send them notifications to motivate them to keep using it.

Just make sure the notifications are useful. And do not bombard users with too many notifications.

Useful notifications could be tips for using the app and posts about your app’s advantages.

By sending useful notifications, you can get more people to return to your app repeatedly.

4. Ask Users to Review Your App

One of the best ways to get an app viral is to gain positive reviews. So, actively ask your users to review your app online.

The more good reviews your app receives, the more your app will appear on search engines. In turn, more people will download your app.

However, do not be pushy when asking users to leave reviews; that could put them off.

You should first ensure that the app provides enough value to users to justify asking users for reviews.

When approaching users about writing reviews, you should personalize the messages and keep the messages concise.

You should also consider only asking for reviews from a segment of your users that are most likely to post reviews. For instance, you could analyze users’ app usage and contact those who use your app the most.

In addition to making individual requests to users, you could place a call to action on your website that encourages people to leave reviews on a designated page of your site.

5. Reward Users

The more you give your app’s users, the happier they will be. And when you build happy customers, you can gain more traction for your brand and app. In turn, that can help your app to go viral.

Rewarding your users is a great psychological method to employ. When you reward users, they are more likely to share the app and recommend it to their friends. Indeed, you could hand out rewards to users every time they refer a friend.

Rewards that you could offer include:

  • A free upgrade.
  • Extra storage.
  • Free themes.
  • A discount.
  • Another product that you sell at a discounted rate.

6. Encourage People to Share Your App on Social Media Platforms

If you want your app to go viral, you will need it to be shared a lot on social media platforms.

One excellent and non-intrusive way of doing that is to include social sharing capabilities in your app’s functionality.

Whether you create a video chat app for Android or a weather forecast app for Windows, it is always a good idea to enable in-app social sharing.

You can do that by directly including social feeds in your app or designing social media sharing calls to action.

7. Use Contextual Deep Linking

Contextual deep linking is a concept that refers to users clicking on links from their phones. When they click on a link, their devices will capture data like who the individuals are and what pages they were looking at when they clicked on the links.

If someone does not already have your app installed, the person’s device would prompt him or her to install it.

Furthermore, once a user has installed your app, you can capture more personal information. Armed with relevant data, your development team could adjust your app to meet the needs of your growing user base.

8. Market Your App Well

Finally, when you market your app well, you can gain more traction and achieve virality.

Some of the key ingredients listed above will help you to market your app. For instance, encouraging social media sharing and getting user reviews can go a long way in helping you promote your product.

But you should also use other marketing methods, such as:

  • Writing a blog with useful content.
  • Using pay-per-click ads.
  • Getting your app reviewed in suitable online and offline publications.
  • Placing ads in magazines and online publications.
  • Using excellent SEO tools for your website.

In Summary

By taking note of the above key ingredients, you can make your app go viral in 2023 and maintain popularity over the coming years.

So, let us recap. You should:

  1. Make Your App Exceptional.
  2. Include Gamification in Your App.
  3. Send Users Useful Notifications.
  4. Ask Users to Review Your App.
  5. Reward Users.
  6. Encourage People to Share Your App on Social Media Platforms.
  7. Use Contextual Deep Linking.
  8. Market Your App Well.