Social media platforms would not be as appealing as they are if people and businesses did not post images. Most social media platforms are visual. Instagram, for instance, is made for visuals.

Posts that have images on Facebook get more engagement compared to those that do not. The same thing applies to posts on other platforms, such as Twitter.

But how can your team tap into this quickly and easily, even if you do not have a graphic designer?

This article will discuss how your team can easily and quickly create great social media images easily and quickly.

Create Images of the Right Size

Different social media platforms require images of different sizes. Your team should ensure that the images they create fit their allocated space on the social media platform on which they are posted. Let us take Instagram as an example.

If your team wants to post on Instagram feed, they have to create a square image. An image with a height between 566px and 1350px and a width between 320px and 1080px will not be altered in any way when uploaded on Instagram.

But how can you make sure that your images abide by these measurements? Well, there are many tools you can use. A tool like Canva can automatically size the images for you after choosing the social media platform you are creating the image for. You can get many other image editing tools online for free.

Keep Your Images Simple

As much as your team wants to create eye-catching images for your social media platforms, they should ensure that the images are not complicated. In addition, they need to be careful with how they use text.

For instance, let us assume you are using social media advertising to create awareness for a vacant position. Your team should ensure that the graphic is not packed with the position’s details.

It can have simple words such as “Job Alert” and a link to your website where job seekers can find all the job details.

Create Your Brand’s Unique Color Pallete

Creating great social media images is one thing, sticking to a unique color pallete for your company is another. You must ensure that your team has identified a unique color pallete to use when creating social media images.

Besides making your timelines beautiful, a unique color palette helps your audience recognize your images quickly. They can identify them from a pool of posts, something that improves your reach and conversion rates.

To succeed in this, ensure that you have added color requirements to your style guide. In addition, choose an eye-catching and recognizable color that aligns with the mood and what your brand is about.

Use Background Images to Enhance Simple Designs Easily

The background of the images your team uses on social media platforms is essential in elevating and making them eye-catching. You might take your images or get some from stock image websites.

However, the background of these images might not match your requirements or your brand’s style. So what do you do? You can get white background images for free online and use them with your social media images.

Depending on the social media platform your team wants to share their images on, they should ensure that the background is attractive. Do not use backgrounds that chase away followers instead of attracting them.

Choosing Design Elements

One way of leveling up your social media branding is by using design elements such as font, color, and others that align with your brand. Every business has some guidelines when it comes to its brand. All social media images should, therefore, align with the brand guidelines.

For instance, ensure that your team makes your company’s images their own by adding the company’s logo to the images. This can be added somewhere on the corner as a watermark. This attracts people to your brand and makes your posts look more professional.

In addition, chances are that your company has certain color schemes for its brand. Ensure that your team uses these colors for all social media images. If you want to add text to the images, then ensure that you have used the right font all through.

Use Your Business’s Actual Images

Your followers would love to know how your business is doing and what it is up to. We understand that you must be busy most of the time and do not have time to take photos of your business or team. However, this is a worthy investment.

You can hire a photographer once or twice a month to come in and take photos of your business, events, and staff. If you are short on budget for this, do not worry. Modern smartphones come equipped with powerful cameras. Use your smartphone.

You can ask your team to edit these images using free online photo editing tools. They can add filters, change backgrounds, colors, and anything else to ensure that the photos match your brand.

Look at What is Trending

You should not just create social media images without looking at what is trending on the different social media platforms you use. You need to ensure that every image you create is up-to-date with what is happening.

Apart from creating images that help you remain in touch with your followers, looking at what is trending is one way for your team to get some inspiration and create images that meet all your requirements.

You can easily find out what is trending by scrolling through your timelines. Look at what other brands in your industry are posting. However, this does not mean that you have to copy them. Always remain unique with your social media images.

You do not have to be a graphic designer to quickly and easily create great social media images. Following the guidelines discussed above will create images that stand out.