Ubersuggest presents you with useful analytics on any given domain. Additionally, NeilPatel.com has a separate tool known as SEO Analyzer. This tool lets you know what search engine optimization (SEO) best practices opportunities your personal website or SEO agency has left on the table so that you can improve your site’s ranking. 

Ubersuggest Features

  • Domain Overview: Using an intuitive display, you can quickly see the following metrics for your URL:
      • Organic Keywords: the number of keywords the domain organically ranks for.
      • Organic Monthly Traffic: How much traffic your website gets relative to organic keyword searches. 
      • Domain Score: Ranging from 1 to 100, your domain score is calculated using a number of factors to tell you how authoritative your website is on Google.
      • Backlinks Score: How many websites direct traffic to your website using links.
      • Traffic: A line graph displays you your monthly organic traffic. 
  • Top Traffic Pages: See which of your pages is moving traffic to your website. Discover the countries of origin for your traffic, and if the incoming links originate in Facebook or Pinterest. Find out the estimated number of visits the page gets, and the exact number of backlinks and what those backlinks are.
  • SEO Keywords: See which organic search terms are moving traffic to your website. Also, see how other domains who get traffic for the same keywords stack up to your website.
  • Top SEO Pages: In the more in-depth SEO report, you can see volume, estimated visits, cost-per-click (CPC), buyer intent, and the likelihood that your site could rank for a particular keyword. 
  • Content Ideas: Discover what top-performing content is for particular keywords, and see the domain authority and estimated clicks for particular pieces of content. 
  • Backlink Data: Discover what sort of content people are linking to in the arena your website serves, who’s doing the linking, and various metrics on those backlinking sites.
  • SEO Analyzer While not a part of Ubersuggest, NeilPatel.com also has SEO Analyzer, which is a tool that crawls your entire website and offers suggestions based on SEO best practices. This includes: 
    • SEO Checker: You’ll get a list of all the things you’re doing on your website that breaks an SEO best practice. You can arrange results by the difficulty of correcting the mistake and the impact the mistake has on moving traffic to your website. 
    • Site Speed: Find out how quickly your site loads when it’s viewed on a desktop or on mobile. You’ll get a thorough breakdown of all the mistakes to fix so that your site loads faster, improving your click-through-rate and your Google rank. 

How Ubersuggest is Used

Simply enter the domain you want to research into Ubersuggest or SEO Analyzer.  

Ubersuggest Enter URL

Ubersuggest Use Cases

Content Ideas: Using this feature, you can find out what questions your potential customers are asking and answer them with content on your website. You can also create original thought leadership that addresses the concerns of your potential clients. 

SEO Analyzer: SEO best practices aren’t just what an SEO agency uses to rank high on Google, they’re also rules you would follow if you wanted to create the best content. So, by using SEO Analyzer, you’ll be able to make content that’s more user friendly and digestible and, as a result, improve your Google rank and readership. 

Study the Competition: The data presented by Ubersuggest and SEO Analyzer can help you optimize your SEO strategy, pay-per-click campaign, and help you take advantage of backlinking opportunities you might be missing out on. Ubersuggest can also help you improve your website by seeing what your competitors are doing, seeing what their mistakes have been, and making the places where they fall short your strengths!

Ubersuggest Pricing

Ubersuggest Pricing

Ubersuggest and SEO Analyzer are both free. If you sign up for a monthly or annual plan, however, you get access to even more data and can run even more reports. If you sign up for an annual plan you get two months free. Additionally, you get a free 7-day trial, and there’s also a no-questions-asked 30 day money back guarantee. 

Bottom Line

Because Ubersuggest and SEO Analyzer are free, anyone launching their own website can have the same data as the best agencies. These tools are also both great for freelancers hoping to break into the digital marketing arena, people hoping to learn about SEO, and anyone working at a PPC media agency.  

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