What’s in a presentation? Everything! An impressive presentation can make or break your marketing strategy.

Brands distinguish themselves from their competitors by dominating the marketing industry with informative and enthralling presentations.

Now, to impress your audience, you need a strong presentation. So, if you’re still attempting to put together an effective, appealing slide deck, here are our 13 tried-and-tested tips for a killer marketing PPT:

13 Expert Tips on nailing your marketing presentation

In the absence of a presentation, there is no way to sell. Whatever your business specialization or model is, you’ll have to send your documents to your client’s team for evaluation at a certain point. So, let’s get started on how to impress your customers with a killer PPT!

1. Make your first slides count with a catchy CTA

The first three slides are key: 80% of readers who go through them read the deck in full.

The easiest approach to keep people’s focus in the midst of your PPT is by capturing them from the very first slide.

This can be accomplished by beginning with a powerful quote, rhetorical question, statistical figures, or intriguing information. This innovative technique will convince your listeners to pay attention to your presentation.

Yes, initial impressions do matter. The majority of users that “bounce” from a deck (don’t engage at all) do so within the first 15 seconds. In 15 seconds, how much can you remember? Two lines and one graphic are all you need.

It all comes down to the catch and the design of the deck’s upper section. If there’s one area you should heavily test, it’s that, aside from designing an irresistible CTA.

2. Follow a consistent brand theme

If you’re presenting information, ensure to stick to your chosen palette scheme. The most typical blunder made by established brands is not adhering to their established code.

For example, if someone gave you two colors, say red and white, and asked you to consider the foremost brand that came to mind, the first company would undoubtedly be KFC due to its consistent color combo across all of its products.

Curate content by selecting at least 12 distinct shades of your brand’s color and adjusting it appropriately. Creating brand palettes in apps like Canva and Adobe makes this simple.

In addition, use marketing dashboard templates that best represent your brand. Select a marketing template and connect your data sources for your data to begin flowing in minutes. By doing so, you can follow consistent marketing templates to boost your branding into more diverse audiences, driving your marketing efforts to the next level. Make your brand marketing strategies stand out from the competition to attain overall business goals.  

3. Back up advertising with a value-based proposal

The greatest method to advertise a product, service, or brand is to back it up with a compelling value proposition. This can be accomplished by including a socially responsible component.

Addressing an issue and then committing to solving it is a fail-safe marketing strategy.

Promote a possible problem – it may be addressing startup gaps or the mismatch of data among new entrepreneurs. You can then argue for a solution supplied by your firm if you have a service-oriented business.

Conduct competitive analysis to determine the value-based tactics of significant players in the industry. Also, find out what your prospects like in ads by conducting surveys through online forms or face-to-face interviews. These tactics eliminate guesswork and ensure you don’t waste advertising efforts that your prospects don’t consider valuable.

4. Make use of proper visuals

Presentation Visuals

If you have to choose between content and multimedia, go with the latter.

We can comprehend data considerably faster with visuals than we do with words. We’re also 55 percent better at recalling what we view than what we listen to, a phenomenon known as pictorial superiority.

It’s also a good idea to let your graphics be minimal. Your clients will be overwhelmed when you have your slides packed with visuals. However, it’ll require multiple visuals to fill in the blanks if it is too stark.

Take your most important data and utilize data visualization aids to create visually appealing graphics. You can even take the help of a slideshow maker to build stunning slideshows, complete with professionally designed templates and media embed options.

It’d also help to present factual information in charts, tables, infographics, and other appealing visuals. Make them easy to read and colorful with designs aligned with your business. Audio marketing presentation is also a unique presentation media, allowing you to highlight your customers’ testimonials and other social proofs. 

5. Consider the end results

Your audience is usually concerned with big-picture choices that will affect the organization in the long run. In this respect, each section of your PPT should help you answer the following questions:

What difference will your product or service make? What will be the consequences in the long run? How will it help the organization achieve its objectives? Are there any potential stumbling blocks? What strategy will you use to deal with them?

You’ll have a seamless Q&A session if you include these responses into your PPT.

6. Promote your brand’s unique selling proposition

Make a Change

You can conquer the marketing industry with little effort if you know your Unique Selling Point (USP). It’s just a matter of a few phrases that could assist you to achieve your objectives.

But your unique value proposition or statement must convey more information than a slogan or tagline.

For example, if someone says, “Do what you can’t,” you will immediately think of Samsung because that is how they have promoted their uniqueness.

They aren’t the only ones selling electronic items, but they outperform many others in the market to generate an authentic selling point.

As a result, it’s critical that you delve deep into your USP and advertise it. Only then will you witness a hike and improvement in your brand name.

Most importantly, determine what benefits your target customers seek in a product or service. Identify what makes your offerings unique and highlight them in your USP. Moreover, study what your competitors offer and find ways to outpace them to keep up with the latest trends and boost your marketing and sales efforts.

7. Keep a particular content theme in mind

It is vital to keep your company’s paint card up to date. But you must also decide on a theme for your presentation. You need to select whether your presentation will include floral, tropical, minimalistic, bright, or monochrome images or maybe a mix of all or a few of them.

This is determined by examining your organization’s vision, mission, and approach. It not only gives you a sense of self, but it also aids you in distinguishing yourself from your competitors. Instead of copying what your competitors have, try to set your content apart by using your company resources and obtaining ideas from multiple resources, including your loyal customers.

As a result, be certain your marketing visuals suit your topic. Again, when you include content in the slides, be careful not to mimic other brands. In other words, plagiarized content is a no-no. To cross check if your content is unique, you can try these smart tools.

8. Include any relevant information.

You may improve your firm’s marketing strategy by incorporating statistics into your PPT. However, you must use appropriate material for your target audience.

For example, if you’re advertising an article, everyone wants a motivation to purchase the same from you. They may not be intrigued if you inform them it was only bought by 20 people only.

However, if you demonstrate that a few thousand people bought it and 50% of them bought it again, they’ll gladly spend their cash on it.

An alternative way to put it is that if you’re giving a pitch and you have to promote your brand, you’ll need to employ statistics to show growth.

9. Use videos for your presentations

Look at the video if you’re seeking for a technique to make your presentation stand out and truly capture your audience. Videos are not only simple to insert into PowerPoint, but they may also produce results.

Adding a video or two to your slides can help to break up the content in a fluid and efficient way, keeping your audience attentive and engaged.

Here are five ways video presentations can help you stand out:

  • Narrate stories that incite emotions
  • Effectively communicate information
  • Add drama and create an interesting atmosphere
  • Break the monotony
  • Boost the intent of purchase

10. Make use of proper marketing analysis

If you’re in a meeting before the board or giving a presentation at a convention among seasoned executives, make sure to mention the following:

  • Information about your business segment, including its background, foundation, and how you’ve applied previous learning to the current scenario.
  • Contemporary trends, future difficulties, and your strategies for dealing with them.
  • Data about predicted growth in the future, together with strategies for implementation.

Before taking the stage, be sure you’ve done your homework and are well-informed on the subject. Make sure you’re comfortable with the facts you’ve gathered.

11. Storytelling is a great way to get people involved

Including your items in tales is the simplest and quickest approach to promoting them.

This time-honored approach of communicating and connecting via shared experiences never fails to energize the crowd.

It will not only make consumers feel personally connected to your brand, but it will also keep your products in their hearts as a result of your stories.

12. Share materials before the actual presentation

It may be beneficial if you send the documents to the board to review ahead of time, depending on what you’ll be covering in your presentation.

Reports and demos are examples of extra information that either consumes too much time or is too distracting to be covered in a presentation.

The presentation should always focus on the ‘why’ rather than the ‘how’. A week before the meeting is great; it gives you time to reply to any early remarks or suggestions.

Consider this procedure as a benefit. You get a good insight of what the members of the board might bring to the meeting or at least have some context to prepare for a more impactful presentation delivery.

13. Keep it short and sweet

Open availability isn’t something board members are known for. You’ll want to make the most of your time with them, so plan accordingly.

How do you go about doing that?

Keep the presentation’s scope in mind.

While including storytelling is beneficial, don’t get sidetracked and waste time. Keep things basic and clear. Only share one highlight per data graph if you’re presenting data.


A presentation to your audience can be intimidating when the risk is too high.

You can relieve stress and concentrate on your speech by adding these suggestions to your approach.

In the Comments section below, let us know if you benefited from the abovementioned tips and how you used them in your marketing presentations.