In recent times, we have seen how plagiarism has affected people in the academic and online worlds. Many online blogs and universities are working hard to spread awareness among students and writers to promote integrity in their respective works and avoid Duplication. Different types of plagiarism are ranked from the one that most brutally affects your career (intentional) to the one that is found most commonly in every other writer’s work (accidental). The reason behind the occurrence of accidental duplication is unawareness among people about how to tackle the offense of plagiarizing while writing their assignments or web content.

Originality is the key to success in both academic and online worlds. If you want to be sure that your text carries no traces of plagiarism and not even accidental duplication is existing in content, then you need to use the plagiarism check tool. The technology has moved to the next level as many online services are available on the web today to help us improve the quality and promote originality in our content.

The plagiarism check tools can easily identify the copy content, in which a person has duplicated another person’s entire work and presented as his own.

But, what about accidental plagiarism? Is there any way out to identify such piracy? Yes! The advanced plagiarism tools can help you in this cause, and we are going to discuss them in this article.

Top 4 Plagiarism Check Tools to Check and Correct Accidental Duplication

1. Prepostseo

While searching for the best plagiarism checker, prepostseo always comes at the top of the table. This tool is more trustable and easier to use. Users mostly prefer this tool over others due to the feature that is provided by it.

One can use this tool anywhere. If you are not working web-based, this tool provides an option for mobile applications.It makes it easy for a user to quickly check duplication in his phone and remove the copied lines from there.

This online plagiarism checker is very safe to use, and it checks out all the lines from content.

It also provides the source cites from where the data was copied so a user can easily remove the copied text.

2. SmallSEOTools

SmallSEOTools is one of the biggest platforms that’s providing its users with top-notch services, such as a plagiarism checker. There are no charges associated with using this service.

It’s an advanced tool to check plagiarism for both content writers and students. You can start using this tool without facing any difficulty as getting registered isn’t mandatory.

It’s a web-based tool that allows users to check plagiarism in a matter of seconds without installing any software on your devices. The results are displayed on your screen in no time, whether you’re using it on a mobile or desktop.

3. PlagiarismDetector

While searching for a similarity checker and looking at the Google results, you’ll find PlagiarismDetector on the top. It’s a high-quality tool that is available at your service round the clock. There is no restriction on the time frame in which you can use this utility.

This plagiarism check tool has two versions, including free and paid ones. Of course, the paid one comes up with advanced features and scans your text deeply to identify the smallest occurrence of duplication. This tool displays results in terms of percentage that’s very beneficial for students as they are given leverage on a certain percentage of copyright. You can access this tool by merely visiting https://plagiarismdetector.net.

4. DupliChecker

DupliChecker, another online platform with amazing SEO tools, comes with a top-performing online plagiarism checker with a report, that’s all entirely web-based. You can use this tool to check duplication whenever you want to. Instead of copy-pasting the text, you can choose the file stored on your device or enter the site’s URL on which you can conduct a plagiarism analysis.

The result will be displayed on your screen in a blink of an eye by this tool, and it will also generate a report. That contains the percentage of your text that is original and plagiarized.

If plagiarism is existing, it will also contain the source from where the text is matching. Let’s help you explore details about accidental plagiarism.

What is Accidental Plagiarism?

In simple words, when you don’t intend to plagiarize, but plagiarism still exists in your text due to poor paraphrasing or inability to properly cite the sources from where you have taken the information is called accidental plagiarism. As a writer, you’ll need strong research skills and read many texts before preparing your draft.

While reading, many sentences or ideas might have stuck in your mind that you could unintentionally use in your content. Due to the improper knowledge of citing sources and not being able to cite the exact source from where you have taken assistance, it could also result in accidental duplication. Whether you have intentionally or unintentionally plagiarized content, the consequences would be the same, and you can face penalties as severe as expulsion from the institute or get fired from the job. There is no need to panic as you can read about the easy way out from this nuisance above, i.e., the plagiarism check tool.

That’s It!

These are the best tools you can use to check plagiarism from your content. After analysis with any of these tools, you should remove plagiarism to avoid its negative consequences. Paraphrasing is an easy way to solve this problem for writers. Plus, students can learn the source from where their text is matching so that they can cite it properly in their file.