UX design, otherwise known as user experience design, is the process of improving user satisfaction by enhancing the pleasure, accessibility, and usability provided when a user interacts with a product.

As we enter another year, it seems like a good time to assess what 2022 will have in store for us from a UX perspective. Read on to discover more about some important UX statistics, trends, and predictions for the rest of the year ahead.

Businesses will invest more in UX throughout 2022

There is only one place to begin, and this is with the fact that we can expect to see businesses invest in UX more throughout 2022. This is of little surprise when you consider the fact that for every $1 invested in UX, there is a return of $100. This means UX investment has an ROI of 9,900%.

We can expect to see a lot of businesses invest heavily in UX research tools throughout the coming months. Some of the different options are as follows:


Maze Testing Solution

Maze is a rapid testing solution, which will turn your prototype into actionable insights from genuine users. Maze integrates directly with Sketch, Marvel, InVision, Figma, and Adobe XD, enabling you to import an existing prototype from the design tool you use.

It also gives you the ability to create and run in-depth usability tests, and you can share these tests with your testers so that you will get actionable insights within a matter of minutes.

Maze’s usability testing solution also includes guerrilla testing, A/B testing, heatmaps, multiple path analysis, task analysis, and more.


Userzoom UX Research Platform

Next, we have Userzoom, which is a UX research platform that has been designed for remote usability testing. You can make the most of a number of different features, including analytics recording, heatmaps, and participant recruiting.

You can also use Userzoom to collate qualitative and quantitative feedback, as well as create A/B tests with mock-ups to get feedback from users prior to product development.

This platform is also beneficial in terms of running unmoderated task-based studies with test participants from all around the world on mock-up, wireframe, prototype, or a website.


Userlytics User Testing

Userlytics is a user testing platform that gives you the ability to conduct research at scale by testing digital assets, including prototypes, mobile apps, applications, and websites. You can gather both quantitative and qualitative data, as well as set up advanced graphic reports and metrics.

You can run any combination of unmoderated or moderated user experience studies, as well as tree testing, card sorting, and usability tests.

Businesses will be looking for ways to improve the UX of their shopping carts in 2022

One of the chief areas that businesses are going to be focusing on when it comes to user experience is online shopping carts.

The main reason for this is because research published by Kinsta has indicated that 7 in 10 people abandon their shopping carts because of a poor user experience.

Therefore, it makes sense to look into your shopping cart to ensure that the process is seamless and the user experience is impressive.

There are a number of repetitive issues that we tend to run into when it comes to online shopping carts today. One of the biggest mistakes that businesses make is asking for too much information.

The whole point of shopping online is that it is supposed to be quick and convenient. If you force buyers to become members and you ask for lots of unnecessary information, they are only going to get fed up and look elsewhere, which is the last thing you want.

Aside from this, another common UX issue we see when it comes to shopping carts is that they do not function effectively on mobile devices. Your online store may work seamlessly on a laptop or desktop, but what about when viewing it from a mobile website?

When you consider the fact that 55.4 percent of consumers around the world purchase something online using a mobile device, it is not hard to understand why you need to consider your mobile audience carefully when it comes to the user experience your online store provides.

UX will be a top priority for marketing professionals throughout 2022

If an inbound marketer does not know UX design, they at least need to have access to a UX designer. Both concepts have a lot more in common than most people realize.

Both UX design and inbound marketing play a vital role when laying the groundwork for your site, they both are centered on the wants and needs of your users, and both disciplines engage in a type of Discovery.

Nevertheless, they are used independently of one and other. Inbound marketers are involved at a later stage, after the deployment, whereas UX designers launch a project.

Despite this, inbound marketing needs UX professionals to be a success. They can evaluate and influence all stages in your project, ensuring that your content strategy and other marketing techniques are successful from the start.

Inbound marketers need pivotal details from the site build

One of the main reasons why UX design is important is because inbound marketing is deployed once a site has been built. However, if you develop your marketing strategy once the site is live, this means that you are going to be waiting a considerable time to test your marketing strategy and fix any issues.

It is more advisable for inbound markets to meet with user experience designers during the project’s wireframing stage.

This will allow both to collaborate so that the marketing professional can take inventory of the site’s various sections and determine where marketing collateral is going to live. They can decide on different types of marketing. Working in tandem boosts efficiency and ensures fewer mistakes.

Inbound marketers need to unearth critical information from key decision makers

Another benefit of UX designers and inbound marketers liaising is that the later will be able to shadow UX professionals so they can meet with the project’s key decision makers so they get the right information to generate an effective content strategy.

One of the biggest issues with inbound marketing at present is that specialists end up talking to representatives of the team about the goals they need to reach, but these representatives fail to supply the pivotal information required. This results in money and time being wasted on strategic changes later down the line.

Discovery is a requirement for inbound marketers

Finally, inbound marketers must be involved in Discovery, as do UX designers. By collaborating together, both will be able to ask questions in order to build an inbound marketing strategy that will deliver results.

Too many companies expect inbound marketers to build effective strategies without being involved in the discovery stage. This means that they do not get to find out what it really is that pains customers and what they want from the product or service in question.

Make data lovable to wow users in 2022

Last but not least, a final trend that is going to take on increased importance throughout 2022 is the use of data.

Rather than simply telling people that you are the best business in your field, you need to show them, and data gives you the power to do so.

How many clients have you helped? Who are your clients? How many branches do you have? How many five-star reviews have you received?

Facts will impress people. However, data is not always the most beautiful thing in the world, so you need to consider different ways of presenting data in an engaging and impressive manner.

Storytelling is an approach we will see more and more companies adopt throughout the year ahead. This can make it a lot easier for people to digest the information in the way you want them to while also removing the complexity of datasets.

You also need to remember that people are feeling particularly stressed and worn out these days due to the pandemic and the knock-on effects associated with it. Because of this, no one has the energy or the will to look at complicated data.

Save time, hold onto the viewer’s attention, and present the data in a simple yet engaging manner.

Final words on UX Statistics to know in 2022: Trends and Predictions

So there you have it: a look at our predictions and expectations when it comes to 2022 and the world of UX.

There is no denying that the user experience your product provides plays a critical role when it comes to customer satisfaction, conversions, and ultimately, the profit that you make.

Use the trends and statistics that we have mentioned above to power your UX efforts throughout 2022.