We want to be a marketing voice that medium sized businesses can trust. We will use this blog to share news about our industry and ourselves. Marketing online is exciting because it‘s always changing, but it’s not always worth getting too excited. Our promise to clients is to stay in tune with the never-ending changes in digital marketing and share when something new could impact their industry or marketing program.
Internet marketing has been around for over 20 years. The fundamentals of any sound direct response campaign have not changed. Test. Measure. Repeat. It is the proven approach. The tactics and websites that provide exposure have changed, but Google and Facebook will be the best initial platforms for most of our clients for a long time.
Digital is built for direct response objectives because it’s measurable. Our clients deploy many marketing tactics, but can’t do everything themselves. They see outsourcing to a digital agency like us as a smart way to extend their capabilities without having to build a big in-house team. As long as a client can describe their objective, we have a place to start.
We recommend a simple formula for all our clients. We take our time understanding your objective, set mutually agreed upon goals, develop a strategy and then deploy the right tactics. Post launch we spend most of our time optimizing. We provide regular check-ins and reporting calls. Our agency prides itself on being curious, audacious and accountable and our teams will always care as much about providing great service as we do great work.