SERPROBOT, which is stylistically written in all caps, is a tool that tracks your search engine ranking position (SERP). Knowing your website’s SERP is indispensable for any search engine optimization (SEO) agency, social media agency, or Pay-Per-Click (PPC) media agency. As a result, accurate and real time SERP tracking is a must-have tool. 

Once known as SERPLAB, the tool’s name was changed to SERPROBOT after a trademark was filed for SERPLAB in the UK by a different company. Other than the name change, everything else remained the same. You can track multiple keywords for your domain; view results over time in a list and in a graph; and narrow your search by device and location.  


SERPROBOT only focuses on tracking how well your domain ranks for keywords, which means it’s not a suite of tools like Ubersuggest or SEMrush. As a result, SERPROBOT is very easy to use and navigate since it’s only giving you information about your website’s SERP. Here’s what you get: 

SERP Check:

This is the tool that lets you see how well your domain ranks for an unlimited number of keywords. You get the following info:

  • Rank: See where your domain places in the top 100 results for your keyword, and the URL receiving that traffic. 
  • Volume: See the amount of traffic your domain gets for your keyword.
  • Change: Track how much your rank has gone up or down.
  • Average Position: See what your SERP tends to be.
  • Latest, Best, & First: See these specifics for your keyword, and track them overtime as a graph.

Search by:

  • Region: This lets you select the region of the API you’re running your search on. For example, you can search globally or only in Angola using Google.
  • API: Search using Bing, Youtube, Google, or Yahoo.
  • Location: Narrow your search by city name.
  • Device: See the results for desktops, mobile, or tablet devices only.
  • Frequency: Choose how often you want your tracking to be updated.

Competitor Compare:

You can compare your URL to an unlimited number of other URLs.


You can set up: 

  • Automatic real time email alerts. 
  • Scheduled PDF email reports.


You get a line graph representation of your results, and you can leave notes on it! 



SERPROBOT is incredibly easy to use. You make choices using drop down menus and enter keywords and domains manually. Adding more domains just requires clicking on the question, “Check for competitors URLs?” and setting up email notifications is also easy.


A change in your SERP can mean several things, so being notified of changes as soon as they happen can be very helpful.

Observe Algorithm Changes:

If you notice that a SERP drops suddenly, it may be because of a search engine’s algorithm change. 


If your SERPs fall across the board, you may be experiencing a systemic issue. In one of our case studies, we explain how an extreme drop in organic search traffic occurred after a website switched to a new content management system (CMS) without taking SEO into account. Being alerted of a major change as soon as it occurred allowed us to implement changes while minimizing loss. 

Capitalizing on Good News and Mitigating Bad News:

If your SERP suddenly jumps, it may be because something great or terrible is happening to your site. You’ll need to know ASAP! The impetus for the change may be something totally unexpected. You may, for example, have tried to improve your brand by doing good, only to discover a feature of your campaign is experiencing backlash. Or you may have noticed that one of your social media posts has gone viral, in which case you’ll want to properly engage your audience to maximize impact.


SERPROBOT’s pricing model is based on the number of bots you buy. One bot gets you 300 searches per day for $4.99. Paying on a yearly basis or getting any more bots doesn’t get you a discount. The two week free trial of SERPBOT limits you to 25 searches per day, and you can only check your SERP on Google with limited specificity. But the trial is enough to test all the features and decide if you want to invest. To activate your trial all you have to do is setup an account.

Bottom Line on SERPROBOT

For SEO agencies, PPC agencies, and social media agencies with the resources to invest in a suite like SEMrush, SERPROBOT would be unnecessary because SEMrush already provides SERP tracking. But if you’re operating on a budget or just don’t need all of the features that a suite comes with, then SERPROBOT may just be the simple to use and affordable tool for you!

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