There’s no better way to build and grow a good relationship with your customers than with your email list. This is why email marketing is a must-have marketing technique for every small business that wants to build and grow its business the best way. The good thing about email marketing is that it’s a good fit for any niche, whether you’re establishing a T-shirt business or running a beauty brand.

Savvy business owners know email marketing is king; that is why over 64% of small businesses use email marketing to reach their customers.

Are you a small business owner looking for the best way to increase your sales conversion rate, build a chain of loyal customers and make your business the one that thrives?

Then, you are in the right place. This article will show you how small business email marketing can help you achieve your goals as a business owner; you will also get first-hand tips on building a successful email marketing that works to grow your business.

Let’s begin with a definition of email marketing.

What is email marketing?

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In the simplest form, email marketing is sending messages to your customer(s) using email.

It is a direct form of marketing and is typically used for advertising your product and services, building strong relationships with customers, and increasing your brand’s awareness.

Because email marketing is one of the oldest forms of marketing, it might not be as fancy as other marketing mediums. Still, it remains the most effective form of marketing for many reasons. Find out what these reasons are below.

Why is email marketing effective for small businesses?

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The following are the top five reasons why email marketing works well for small businesses.

1. Email marketing is a more personalized form of marketing

One of the major benefits of email marketing is that it builds a strong connection between you and your customers.

It moves the conversation from distracting and busy platforms like social media to a more intimate environment: the inbox.

Your consumers want to enjoy the direct and personalized experience they would receive if they were doing business with a friend next door.

Fortunately, email marketing helps blur the lines between traditional marketing and online marketing by delivering customized experiences to your customers.

According to this SmallBusinessHQ Inc Authority review guide, most of the entrepreneurs who have used their business formation services say personalized email marketing works by sending emails to your customers based on their personal data.

Using your customer’s data for your email marketing campaigns allows you to send emails that resonate and meet their individual needs. This results in an improved response rate from your subscribers, which increases your sales as a business.

Most businesses use free email providers to boost their email marketing campaigns. Free email providers are charge-free. But if you want to use more sophisticated features to accelerate email deliverability, you can upgrade to a premium account with a subscription fee.

Major search engines and third-party companies offer a free email platform for individuals and businesses. But how does an email provider work?

A free email provider is a great tool to help marketers create personalized and profit-generating emails quickly and securely. Free email providers have security features, like encryption, to avoid phishing, malware, and other email cybersecurity threats.

2. Email marketing increases your engagement rate

As a small business owner, your engagement rate is one of the most important metrics you should look for.

This is because your engagement rate shows how much your audience is interested in your content, offer, and business. If your engagement rate is low, there’s a high chance that your audience isn’t consuming your content and connecting with you as they should.

However, most times, it isn’t about you or your customers; it’s more about the medium you use to share your content and communicate with your customers.

While you have to do a lot of work to grab your customers’ attention on social media because several posts compete with your posts on their feed, you won’t have to do the same with email marketing.

Your customers are less distracted because your messages come directly to their inboxes, which means they get to read every message you send.

What’s more? They can also respond to your emails and respond effectively to the actions you want them to take.

The latest statistics reveal that email marketers have seen a 78% increase in their engagement rate. This increase in engagement rate helps increase sales conversion and ensures readers don’t remain readers but are converted to customers in the long run.

3. Email marketing helps you build strong relationships that increase your customer’s loyalty to your brand

As a small business owner, you shouldn’t focus on acquiring customers alone; you should also channel your efforts into retaining the customers you’ve acquired.

The edge thriving businesses have over businesses that don’t is their ability to keep their customers returning for repeated purchases. However, there can’t be repeated purchases if your customers don’t trust you enough to buy from you or stay with you.

Effective email marketing helps you build trust by forging strong and intimate relationships with your readers. Because effective email marketing is personalized, consistent, and valuable, readers have a reason to buy from you and become loyal advocate.

Loyal, raving fans of your business will never be won over by your competitors. They will also help you broadcast and promote your business to everyone they think should know about it.

The result? You will have a consistent chain of customers to keep your business going no matter what happens. You will also enjoy increased brand awareness and a steady flow of new customers to boost your revenue.

4. Email marketing is affordable and provides a high return on investment

Email marketing is cost-effective and generates a higher return on investment than other forms of marketing.

For example, more than 40% of email marketers experience budget cuts in their marketing campaigns due to email marketing, and the Return on Investment for every email sent is up to 4400%. This means you acquire $44 for every dollar you spend on every email campaign you do.

Email marketing ensures you don’t have to spend tons of dollars or your entire savings on promoting your business, keeping your audience engaged, or growing your business.

Being a small business means making your money work in the right places, saving as much as possible, and getting maximum results for every dollar spent. With email marketing, you can make this happen.

You will not only be able to save money while running your marketing campaigns, but you will also be able to make high profits while you are at it to grow your business.

5. Email marketing helps you drive traffic to other platforms

An email is an effective tool that helps increase footfall to your websites, social media platforms, and other platforms where your brand is present.

This works excellently to maximize your marketing efforts. Because your customers will not only read your emails, but they will also check out your website, read your blog, and visit your social media platforms whenever you need them to.

How do you go about this? You can simply request that they check out your website, social media pages, and blog at the end of your mail, or you can give them a sneak peek at the content you have written on any of these platforms.

Then, you can ask them to visit the links to consume the rest of the content.

This way, you can get your email subscribers to be in tune with your brand across different platforms to achieve optimal results with your marketing efforts.

Proven ways to improve your email marketing as a small business

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How do you ensure your email marketing works to bring the required outcome for your small business?

What boxes need to be ticked to achieve your goals as a business owner through email marketing? Let’s find out below.

1. Ask your subscribers to whitelist you

What’s the point of putting so much effort into creating the best content for your subscribers if they will never get to read it because it will end up in their spam folders?

No matter how excellent your email provider is, some of your mail will end up in your subscriber’s spam folder, and they will never get to see them. Or your subscribers may see them late when the content of your mail has become irrelevant based on the timing.

It is, therefore, best to request that your subscribers whitelist you early on, so they don’t miss out on your valuable content.

2. Always use a direct call to action

Always tell your readers what you want them to do at the end of your mail. It’s not enough to tell your customers what to do; you have to be straightforward about it, so your subscribers have a clear idea of what you want them to do.

Want them to visit your website? Fill out a survey or read a blog? Then tell them clearly, and highlight your call to action well, so they don’t miss it while reading your mail.

3. Make it a two-way form of communication

Note that communication is two-sided. So, it’s best to keep the communication line open to keep your interaction with your readers engaging.

The best way to do this is to directly inform your subscribers that they can respond to your mail if they wish to. Tell them you are available to respond to their questions and observations.

A simple “feel free to reply to this email if you have any questions or observations” would do.

It’s also advisable to keep your mail personal by addressing your subscribers by their names. This way, your mail will feel personalized and intimate to your readers.


Email marketing is a crucial marketing tactic for every small business owner because it has several benefits that facilitate businesses’ growth. This article discusses how email marketing helps small businesses and the best tips to get the best outcome with your email marketing efforts.