Posting links to your latest blog posts on social media is a great way to promote your posts. But that’s where most bloggers stop. Some may go the extra mile and duplicate the post a few weeks later, trying to squeeze a little more promotional juice from the post. But there is a far more effective way to continually promote your latest blog post.

It’s All In How You Word It

Creating a colorful post that’s filled with engaging wording, great looking images and follows SEO best practices should be your baseline. Meaning, this should be the least every post has. To get the most out of your posts when it comes time to promote, make sure you have memorable wording sprinkled throughout. For example:

  • A great related quote
  • Valuable reference with a link to the source
  • Pithy statement that sums up an important topic

Once you’re ready, it’s fine to post the blog title along with its link to your social media accounts. This gets the promotion ball rolling.
Using the structure above, you now have literally several more unique social media posts for the same blog post. For each, just switch out the title for any of the memorable group of words and add the link. You can probably create a social media post for every other day until the end of the month.

There Are Plenty Of Pros Who Can Help With Marketing

Want to get even more out of your post and have big names help out? Go to some of the most popular posts of influencer bloggers in your niche. Grab a group of memorable words from their post and quote it in yours. Somewhere in the quote, link back to the influencer’s post. The stage is now set for a supercharged promotion campaign. Let’s say you have
The stage is now set for a supercharged promotion campaign. Let’s say you have wording from three different influencers. You can post that exact wording into your social media post and tag the influencer’s social media handle so they know. Now sit back and wait for the influencer to
Now sit back and wait for the influencer to repost to their social media accounts. It might not happen every time but you’ll certainly have better chances than not using this tactic at all.

…And The Benefits Keep Coming

Posting snippets from influencer blog posts can start building relationships for you. Don’t stop with only posting their content to social media. It’s always about going the extra mile.
In addition to posting influencer snippets to social media, comment on their blog posts so they will see your name there also. Feel free to even email them if you have something valuable to say about their content or to share.

All Of This From One Little Blog Post

That’s right. All of this started from the right structuring of one blog post. Now that you know how to do it for future posts, you can go back and rewrite some of your older posts. You don’t have to worry about a complete rewrite. Where you can, add in valuable snippets of wording and links to other bloggers.
Hope that helps in getting your name out there more. You can see there isn’t really any magic to it. Just a little elbow grease and imagination.