It is fair to say we have no idea what is ahead of us. But, this industry we are in is surely one that will have an increased need and focus as everyone moves online for everything from Coronavirus information to purchasing diapers and takeout. Not only that, because we are naturally digital natives ourselves, we tend to congregate online and support one another in times of crisis. It’s one of the many reasons I am so honored to be part of this industry.

Coronavirus Resources for Digital Marketers

To that end, we are consolidating as many resources, links, and insights as we can as part of a Coronavirus “help” page. To be clear, there is enough news coverage already out there. This will be dedicated to supporting our fellow digital marketers who might be affected or looking for resources for their business or family. Furthermore, we work and have worked with many clients who are doing their part: Doctor on Demand, Ro, etc. We will be supporting their efforts through links and awareness on this page as well.

How Can You Help?

What I would ask of you, as you browse the web and move about your day to day activities online, should you come across a resource that is not currently listed please Tweet me, add a comment or reach out via our contact page. I will do my best to update the page daily – at least that is my goal.

Small Businesses

Small businesses also need help now.

Many are closed and have no income, people losing jobs, etc. Kabbage has launched a national hub for biz owners to buy and sell gift certificates. They need businesses to sign up and consumers to support. (we are not profiting at all from this). Help spread the word!


There’s also numerous nonprofits that could use your help. Our client, Charity Navigator, curates highly-rated charities that provide financial support and medical equipment to organizations working in communities affected by the Novel Coronavirus outbreak. And, hey, Obama is also a fan!

Coronavirus Telehealth Assessment and Info:

  • CDC: This page includes information about Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) for travelers and travel-related industries.
  • Ro: If you think you may be experiencing signs or symptoms of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), complete this online assessment and, if appropriate, Ro will connect you with a medical provider for a free consultation.
  • Doctor On Demand: With coronavirus (COVID-19) on the rise, Doctor on Demand created an assessment based on CDC guidelines to prepare you in the case of exposure to the virus.
  • View this map for real-time updates on global cases.
  • Do the five. Seriously.

Coronavirus Do the Five

Working from Home Resources:

Job Displacement Resources:

  • Shoutout to Mike King who created this google sheet. If you’re a digital freelancer or open to freelance and you lost your gig recently, please add yourself to this spreadsheet so agencies and others can find you. And please RT!

  • The founders of the Online Geniuses Slack channel (the largest Slack channel for Marketers) has just built and launched another free Slack community: CoronaHub. On the landing page, there’s a job board where you can find paid and volunteer positions to combat the virus’s spread. In the Slack community, there are 6 channels for communicating about current events, sharing health advice, debunking myths, finding jobs and coordinating help efforts.
  • A monster Google sheet with 1,500+ remote working jobs from over 100+ companies hiring remote workers

E-Learning Resources (Some Free):

  • Working from home? Here’s a list of 130+ free online courses covering business, marketing, design, programming, personal development, cybersecurity, and economics. In other words, there’s something for everyone.
  • You can now take Moz Academy courses for free until May 31st. Utilize these resources to level up your skills, learn a new discipline, or simply channel your energy into a productive distraction.
  • While many of our favorite search conferences are being postponed to later dates, there are still plenty of excellent virtual conferences to attend in the meantime. Here are eight virtual SEO conferences for B2B marketers.

Business Resources:

  • 111 free tools to help you through the Coronavirus pandemic
  • Ro: Create a custom company branded web page to share with your employees, containing up-to-date information curated by Ro’s expert medical team, as well as a link to Ro’s free Coronavirus online assessment. Here’s an example.
  • Facebook: To help ease the burden on businesses, Facebook has this week announced it is offering $100M in cash grants and ad credits to help during this extraordinary time.
  • Lily Ray: is helping connect digital marketers who are offering free services to businesses in need right now. Keep in mind, she is running this on her own so responses may take longer to get to.

Keeping Kids Busy Resources:

Things to do:

Museum Tours:

Education Resources:

I know this is far from comprehensive so, please, shoot over additional items that you’ve come across!