Today, there are 2.2 billion social media users worldwide. With technologies continually on the rise to make social media available and more accessible to everyone, this number of social media users is expected to expand by leaps and bounds each year.

This is why marketers of all business scales are now looking at social networks as avenues for efficient promotion. Getting your brand on social media is a profitable move in itself. But did you know that your social media ROI entails so much more than posting about your brand & its wonderful offers?

You read that right. It takes more than talking. You need to engage with your audience. In fact, social media professionals are giving greater weight to engagements over following size.

If you are anxious about actually using social media right, here are 3 social media marketing tips you can readily apply to your campaigns to boost social engagements.

Focus On Social Monitoring

Social monitoring provides you an insight to your market – their concerns, preferences, and their thoughts about your brand. While it is good to give your customers an area to voice how they feel about your company, its products or services, social monitoring gives you so much more.

Social monitoring allows you to find feedback, both good and bad, about your brand when people are not that keen about writing you a review. Social media is also a good platform to find targeted individuals who are yet to discover your brand. Another thing about social monitoring is that it allows you to come up with social posts that your audience will actually consume.

The first step to employing this powerful social media practice is to get settled on a goal. Here are a few you might be interested in:

  • Gain useful feedback, whether it is something good or bad about your brand.
  • Identify if you are getting your expected number or percentage of people from your target market.
  • Monitor the market for what they want to be able to come up with an offer to assist the market with
  • Monitor to be able to attend to their needs, avoid unnecessary complaints that can ruin your brand and accept suggestions.
  • Monitor to know when to promote your brand.
  • Monitor to know where you have chances to get referrals
  • Monitor the Advertising cost by industry

Keep Tabs on Your Social Inboxes

In a social inbox, you will be able to see your public mentions, comments, message replies and shares. Just make sure that your inbox settings play accordingly to what you want to see. At some point, we keep on neglecting this as receiving a bunch of notification gets too annoying and overwhelming. Listed below are some of the things that are important for you to see.

  • Customize your social media settings:
  • Set to see: mentions private messages, connection or friend requests, likes, comment replies and shares.
  • Set to off: Their updates, events and anything that is not related or is fully connected to you.

Social engagement does not end on comments and likes on your posts. Under this umbrella is your brand’s efficiency at providing replies to messages sent to your social inboxes. You see, it has become more convenient for users to hit you up on social media through instant messaging than to ring your 1-800.
No wonder, emerging social networks such are designed to provide one-on-one messaging features to their users. At the same time, the older ones are continually coming up with ways to improve their instant messaging features.

Be Visual

Visual content is more engaging than plain text ones. People only remember 20% of what they read while with visuals, anything that the eyes sees are being processed 60,000 times much faster in the brain.

People consider good design as a major criterion in discerning the credibility of a company. This means that visual materials are more favored than other forms of content. Here are three of the advantages to look forward to with visual content in social media as shared by Huffington Post.

Visual drive results in social media:

  • Infographics help grow business by 72%
  • Posts with images attracts 3 times more than plain text content/photos.
  • 27% of people buy products when seen it in Pinterest.

These may all appear too simple and easy but it will take time and most of your patience before we achieve results. Take a moment to observe, experiment and conduct trials to guarantee the success of your campaigns. Social media can give you a heap of benefits but it can also break your business in an instant. It is necessary to be cautious while we follow trends and give essentials to the public.