Revenue generation is the ultimate goal of any internet marketer.

However, there is competition; others have been doing the same thing for quite some time. As a result, it is not sufficient to merely make banners and engage in the ‘banner war game’ any longer.

To stand out, you must take an unconventional approach. Here are some best practices to consider to get ahead of the competition:

1. Use Data To Determine What Works

You’ve probably heard the phrase ‘data is king.’ That is correct. The more data you have about your customers, the better you are equipped to tailor your advertising efforts and tactics to their specific needs.

For example, if you know that males between 18 and 24 respond best to humor, you can use humor in your advertisements. Likewise, if you discover that females between 30 and 40 respond best to images of beauty products, you can include them in your ad copy.

You can also find out what works and what doesn’t by monitoring social media channels and reviewing customer support requests regarding complaints and queries about specific aspects of your product or service. Moreover, you can also use surveys to gather feedback on customer satisfaction, product performance, and other topics related to business improvement, especially advertising.

2. Engage A Professional Agency

To ensure your ads perform well, working with a firm with experience developing successful campaigns is best. A digital marketing agency will know what works and what doesn’t by analyzing data from previous campaigns and testing new ideas before launching them.

They’ll also have access to information about your competitors’ campaigns to help identify their weaknesses so you can capitalize on them in your advertising efforts. You should check here to explore your options if you aren’t currently working with an agency producing desirable outcomes.

It’s possible that if you make the right decision here, you might not have to worry about the rest because your agency will take the lead in assisting you in hitting your targets with your ads.

3. Test Your Ad Copy

Writing a good ad copy is the first step in creating a successful advertisement. If you are advertising on Facebook, this text appears in the right column below your image. It should be brief, concise, and relevant to your target audience. This text is intended to entice users to click on your ad and perform the desired action (sign up for your email list, visit your website, etc.).

To test different versions of your ad copy, you’ll want to create multiple ads that use slightly different language or messaging. For example, if you’re selling a product that helps people eat healthier, one version of your ad might say, ‘Discover how easy it is to eat healthily!’ while another says, ‘Make eating healthy a habit with our new app!’ You can also experiment with different images and videos and different copy variations.

4. Split Test Your Headlines

If you’re using the same headline on your ads, it’s time to change that. Split testing allows you to compare different headlines and see which one performs best. You can also test other ad extensions or images in your ad to see how they affect performance.

Once you’ve determined which elements work well together and which don’t, make sure to use them in future campaigns.

5. Include A Call To Action

A call-to-action (CTA) is a button or link on a website that allows a user to make an immediate purchase, download, sign up, or do other relevant activities. The CTA button can take many forms and sizes, but it should always be visible and easy to click for users.

The most important thing about including calls-to-action in your ad copy is that they need to be relevant to your offer. If your offer is a free trial of your product, then the CTA should lead people directly through signing up for that free trial, not entirely something else.

This necessitates some careful planning before you begin writing your ad copy!

6. Use Your Ad To Highlight The Benefits Of Your Product/Service

An excellent way to make your ads stand out is by showing what makes you different.

You must understand the benefits of your product or service before you even begin writing an advertisement. This will help keep things focused and make it easier for people to understand why they should buy from you instead of someone else, especially when so many competitors are selling similar products or services on the market.

7. Show Off Your Trust Metrics

Trust and safety are the most critical factors in growing your business and maintaining a good reputation.

Numerous metrics can be used to demonstrate your trustworthiness, such as the number of reviews on your product pages and the number of customer questions answered.

Make sure you’re displaying these metrics prominently within your ad so that customers know you’re trustworthy before they click on it. This will help build trust and encourage more people to click on your ads.

8. Optimize Your Landing Page To Match Your Ad Copy

This is one of the most effective methods for increasing conversion rates because it allows you to match what your potential customers are looking for with what you have on your landing page.

If you’re selling a product, make sure the product description in your ad matches the product description on your landing page so that customers aren’t confused when they get there.

The same holds for any other content on your page — make sure it all corresponds to what was shown in your ad copy to avoid confusion or disappointment from visitors who clicked on an ad but didn’t find what they expected when they arrived at the site.


More than ever, your ad should be designed for engagement and tailored to your user’s interests.

Whether you are aiming for clicks and conversions or want to grab the attention of mobile viewers, there are plenty of mobile advertising apps to help you make an impression.

From bold color choices to immersive video ads, you can use a combination of features to gain more engagement from your ads.