Our Approach

We like to listen.

Every project starts with a story… about you. We want to hear everything about your business. We want to hear about your past, present, and future–your wins, challenges, and hopes for the future.

After getting to know you, we will spend more time studying your business, your industry, and your customers.

Here’s where we start talking.

After we’ve listened and gathered everything we can about you and your business, we present you with a customized plan that will help you navigate in the digital world. Not all businesses and products are alike so not all marketing tactics will work for you. You’ll find that we’ll only make recommendations that make sense for your business, budget, and target audience. After you’ve heard our ideas and agree with our plan, we can start talking about execution.

We know your time is valuable, so we want you to know right now that there are some things we don’t do.

We don’t build or manage customer relationship management (CRM) softwares or email marketing platforms.

Managing Partner

Joe Devita Managing Partner

Joseph DeVita

Joe DeVita has been working in various digital marketing settings in different manager and director roles his entire professional career. He is a quantitative marketing professional who believes in providing all clients with high touch customized service. He received a BS from the University of Connecticut and an MBA from the University at Buffalo.

Managing Partner

Jon Clark

Jon Clark

Jon Clark’s 15+ years of digital marketing experience span various management and director roles including client-side, agency-side, publisher-side, and startup space. This experience has resulted in a unique view and skill set focused on engaging, retaining and acquiring customers through ROI-focused integration strategies. He received in BS from Messiah College.

Our Search Experts

Irina Morgunova Search Specialist
Irina Morgunova

Search Specialist

Suzanne Ballas
Suzanne Ballas

Media Strategist

Matt Campbell
Matt Campbell

SEO Strategist

Social Responsibility

Moving Traffic Media is dedicated to ethical behavior, environmental sustainability and giving back to our local community.

As a digital business, we thrive in the theoretical space on the internet. While our services offerings thankfully do not create physical waste, we are passionate about impacting and reducing waste in our environment.

Over 10 million tons of waste in New York State goes to a landfill each year releasing harmful greenhouse gases that have a negative impact on the climate. We believe that every person and company can do their part to reduce physical waste and dispose of it properly to create the least harmful environmental effect.

That starts with our company and employees. We encourage everyone to reduce, reuse and recycle while we are together in the office and home.

We will adhere to this commitment by:

  • Creating a waste management plan in our office building
  • Providing reusable utensils, bags, glasses and coffee mugs for team use
  • Reducing vehicle emissions through part time remote work
  • Eating lunches together in restaurants that minimize single-use plastics
  • Volunteering our digital marketing expertise to a waste-conscious non profit
  • Physically volunteering our time to a non profit with a waste-conscious mission

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