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The pace of technological change is moving faster than ever before and (more importantly) consumer behavior is changing fast too. People are finding new ways to connect with the world around them. Consumers have become harder to influence because they have become increasingly fickle about what they give their attention to and how they do it. And, what’s “in” today may be irrelevant tomorrow. All this change is making it hard to keep pace without help. If you’re business is going to adapt, you need a moving strategy that can make this happen. That’s where we come in.


Social Media


While the most popular social networks will certainly change over time, it is clear that the concept is here to stay.  Every generation has embraced online networking because it helps us stay connected and share with others.  Businesses can connect with consumers too since most networks allow business to create profiles just like individuals.  Setting up a profile for your company is good first step, but understanding how to use social media to benefit your business is typically where the challenge begins.

A business profile with a social network may be the most important way to solicit feedback about your products or deal with unsatisfied customers.  Your social media strategy may require regular postings of promotions or news that your audience would find interesting.  Some companies use social networks just to listen to what consumers are saying about their competitors. We can help you find the right sites and the right ways to use social media.  We can even help you measure the return on your effort.

Many of the large social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin allow advertisers to buy highly targeted ads.  These ads are mostly priced using the cost per click model.  Targeting options include geography, age, gender, interests, associations and more.

These ads can be an effective way to increase awareness of your service or product.  While your target audience may not be actively looking for you while consuming social content, the targeting options offer an efficient opportunity to influence only the right people.  Since there is no minimum spend level to get started, this can be a great place for any business to advertise.

Organic Search Engine


One of the best long-term investments any business can make with their Internet marketing budget is in SEO. Most consumers are using search engines to research products and services before they make a decision to buy. It is in your best interest to be as prominent as possible in relevant search engine results. Your website is only one of many sites that can be leveraged to get in front of consumers.

​In a perfect scenario, your website would be listed organically after every keyword search that describes your product or service. Once your site is coming up after relevant searches, you can really focus on how best to convert all this free web traffic. Ranking organically on the first page of a search result takes a lot of time and effort.​There are three areas of focus to get your website ranking high in these result pages. Your site’s content is still the most important part. Improving the number of referrals you get from other sites and optimizing how pages on your site are linked together is the second area of focus. Finally, the code written into the design of your site can usually be improved making the visit and categorization of your content easier for search engine robots.

Beyond your website, there are countless sites that help consumers find what they are looking for. You have probably used Google Maps for an address, Yelp or even Facebook for reviews. Part of the SEO strategy we recommend ensures your business information is available and current on relevant third-party platforms. ​Unfortunately, the days of the local phone book listings are gone and never coming back. We can help you identify the most impactful sites and sort through unique their specifications.

Online Display


Everyone knows what banner ads are by now. We have all spent a good portion of our lives trying to avoid them while passing the time online. Just like ads throughout history, display ads can be a great way to surprise your target audience and generate awareness of your product or service.

Display advertising can take many forms and often banner ad campaigns  It can be overwhelming to plan and execute. Pricing models for display ads use cost per click, cost per 1,000 ad impressions or cost per action. Banner advertising is usually the best tactic an advertiser has to scale their online advertising program. These ads can be placed on one site at a time, through a network of sites or through an ad exchanges.

Marketing Strategy

Digital marketing is becoming more conversational. Businesses can’t just push messages out anymore. Engaging brands don’t just talk, they listen. And they don’t just share, they deliver value. We can help establish the who, how, and when your message should be shared across digital channels.